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Athletic Wear Detergent

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Dude, do you smell that?

You don’t want to ever be that guy. The one that walks into the gym and everyone runs the opposite direction. If you are using another detergent, chances are that buildup is causing you to stink. Take control of your workouts and your rep by choosing the only natural detergent designed especially for funky athletic wear. Tea tree oil and clean rinsing surfactants - they go together like a hot girl in yoga pants.

Today’s high performance active wear fabrics and sports uniforms can require special care and laundering. To meet these needs, Rockin’ Green has launched a special formulation to help eliminate odor and remove tough stains like grass, dirt, clay, and blood.

Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent is perfect for apparel used in cycling and running as well as team uniforms and workout gear for football, soccer, hockey, gymnastics and martial arts.  It's safe for all types of garments, and works great on synthetics and microfiber. It unlocks the smelly sweat, dirt and odor from your “wicking” fabrics and leaves them fresh and clean. That means a drier and more comfortable workout experience from your clothes.

This high performance clean is made even better by only using quality ingredients which are biodegradable and pack an extra cleaning punch with a natural boost from Tea Tree Oil. Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent is free from phosphates, bleach, optical brighteners, or fabric softeners. As with the entire Rockin’ Green line, only natural, plant-derived surfactants and enzymes are utilized. 25 ounces / up to 50 loads per bag.

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Product Reviews

  1. best workout wear detergent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Oct 2015

    I like this detergent, clothes smell really fresh
    Fights the tough oders that linger in driwick clothing
    No chemical smell, no residue

  2. No more stinky laundry! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2015

    I have been using natural detergents for two years now, and while my laundry was clean, the smells never seemed to go away. Cooking smells, sweat smells, funky wet towel smells.....yuck. I bought the Athletic Detergent originally for use on my husband's army ACU's to get rid of the "work" funk smell that always seemed to linger on them. It worked so well that I tried it on all the laundry. Bam, smells be gone! I now use a scoop in all my prewash cycles. Yay for fresher smelling laundry!

  3. best athletic wear detergent! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2015

    Rockin green is the best smelling detergent I've ever used on my Jiu jitsu Gi's! Anyone who trains full time or teaches needs their gear clean at all times, I definitely recommend it to everyone!

  4. Refreshingly Clean 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jul 2015

    CrossFit and Running in South Texas makes a body sweat, especially in the summer. I love Athletic Wear Detergent for our athletic clothing. In my front loading he machine, I wash my weightlifting gloves (in laundry bags) along with my CrossFit clothing and my husbands running clothes, every time the clothes come out smelling great! Following the washing I hang dry the clothes. It really works!

  5. WOW! Stinky Sweaty husband work clothes- CLEAN 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Feb 2015

    Even conventional laundry soaps rarely get my husbands work clothes clean and stink-free, and of course, they are nasty things. This detergent got ALL the smell out, all the stains, and on top of that, even got an old set-in grease stain out of my daughters favorite shirt! Thanks RockinGreen!

  6. Best Ever for Athletics 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Nov 2014

    We are a very active family with four of us in BJJ, one in football, one that does distance obstacle races, and one in MMA. The need to get all of our athletic clothes clean is paramount. From ground in mud and grass stains on white football pants to that lingering funk smell the claims the lives of BJJ gis this stuff takes care of it all. I received a free sample at a BJJ event and will not wash our athletic gear in anything else. We use an HE washer with one scoop per load and everything comes out clean and smelling fresh.

  7. Great product! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Oct 2014

    I have been using Rocking Green Classic and Funk Rock for a while.... I use it on cloth diapers and everyday laundry, and even to clean my sink..... So when I saw the Sport Rock I was excited.... My husband does triathlons and works out just about everyday, so his workout clothes pile up and STINK, even after washing..... So we used the sport rock, cold wash..... WOW! I am so impressed... There is NO stinky sweat smell!! I will definitely be buying more!!
    Thanks for another great product!

  8. Good enough to cuddle! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jun 2014

    The Athletic Wear Detergent is a long sought after dream! We used it on clothes worn under hockey equipment and the clothes came out odor free. In fact scent free, which was refreshing! Excellent product. Needs to be available in Canada, to save on shipping costs.


    Posted by on 1st May 2014

    This is an excellent product. It gets the craziest stuff out of clothes. I'm not certain if you intended for this to be everyday laundry detergent but with teenage boys in the house I'm doing it anyways, lol!